Sky TV link extension cable or sky Magic eye cable, as it is often referred to, is the viewing solution for Sky customers to be able to view TV from their sky box for example in their living room to a 2nd television in a 2nd room without the requirement for an additional subscription.

So how is this done?  Well very simple actually, on the back of a SKY / SKY PLUS / SKY HD box is a socket called RF out.  Providing sky boxes are setup correctly and turned on, this RF output will provide a video output signal for whatever channel is being currently viewed.

The way to do it is using a sky TV link cable kit which includes a unit called a sky TV link.

The sky TV link is a small oval shaped device which simply plugs in to the RF output on the back of a sky box.

Once connected – on the opposite end on this cable is then used to connect the cable to a 2nd television.   It is very simple to setup and can easily be done within minutes.  Once connected it will have a small LED connector that will light up as an indicator that it is working correctly,  if it doesn’t then it’s just a case of going into the installer menu and doing a couple of setting tweaks.

Once done, then connect the TV link cable to the opposite side of the cable and reconnect the other end of the cable to the RF input (aerial socket) on the back of the second television.   Many sky customers often want this television to be one in their bedroom or kitchen area from example, when the sky box stays located in the living room.

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Once connected to the second television, it is just a case of simply re-tuning the television until the transmission from the sky box is picked up on this TV, and then it is just a case of saving the setting  to “channel 6” for example and voila everything is all done!

This solution eliminates the need for any additional SKY subscription, providing customers the same channel as the first sky box.  However with the use of the cable kit, customers  are not able to watch different sky channels on the 2nd television, only what is displaying on the first sky box.

Many Sky customers can purchase a 2nd sky remote control, so that their is the ability to then change the channel, without the requirement to back to the room with the first sky box, so really good stuff.

Here at 5 star cables we provide the cable kits which include everything required to get this service up and running.

The kits include the TV link unit, full setup instructions and wall clips for wall mounting (if required) along skirting board for example.   We also provide in the colours of black and white, with white tending to be the preferable colour for internal use.

If customers don’t require the tv link unit, but just the cable, then we stock these products too.

So there you have it the sky TV Link extension cable is the perfect solution to enjoying sky TV on a 2nd television without the requirement for more monthly bill charges, ORDER NOW.