Sky Extension Cable

If you are after a Sky extension cable you have come to the right place. These are the video and audio cable which is used to either extend or replace your existing Sky cable.

Many of us Sky customers have been there before, we have just finished decorating our home and decide that we need to move or extend our Sky HD boxes to another area of the room or perhaps to another room, and are aware that we need a longer length of the Sky cable to do this.

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One solution to this, is of course contact Sky, where Sky will quite happily expect you to wait 4 weeks to arrange a Sky engineer to visit your property and resolve this issue at a nice price tag fee of at least £90 + Sky callout charges.

With Sky this is usually a weekday appointment with an 8 hour arrival window given, so if you have to go to work, then expect to book a day off, and to lose 1 day holiday.

There is a very simply solution to this, for Sky plus / Sky HD and Sky Q customers who have the requirement to either extend your existing sky HD cable to your Sky box “or” replace your Sky cable from the LNB of the Sky dish to your Sky box then here at 5starcables, we have the DIY solution for you.

How To Install A Sky Extension Cable

Our Sky HD twin satellite cable extension kits are a perfect solution; firstly saving you a fortune but also saving you lots of time. There are currently 3  types of Sky HD boxes in circulation being used, these are:

Sky Plus boxes

Sky HD boxes

Sky Q boxes

The Sky Q boxes is my favourite Sky box and is increasing in popularity due to its excellent new features such as pausing TV in one room and continuing to watch TV in another.

The huge 2 TB storage capacity enables you to watch one channel, whilst recording another. Additionally with multi-screen you don’t have to worry about drilling extra holes because with Wi-Fi you can stream HD video from your main Sky Q box.

On the back of your sky box, you will see 2x inputs for the twin HD Sky Satellite cable which feeds from you Sky HD dish to the box. The first step to extend the existing cable, is simply first unscrew the existing connections on the back of the Sky box.

Next we need to install our new length of Sky cable. Our kits are ready-made cables which are joined very easily with the use of the joining couplers. Once you have unscrewed the existing cable from the back of the Sky box, you then simply re-attach the male end of the cable to the female joining couplers, which you will notice are the same dimensions as the back of the Sky HD box.

Once achieved, and you have your longer length of sky cable, simply re-attach the male end to the back of the Sky box. Once this is done “Voila” we are back in business and the Sky service will continue to run again as normal. Most importantly our cables are the same specification and quality as those used by Sky Engineers, so most importantly there is no loss of HD quality sound and picture.

The kits we provide are available in an array of lengths including: 3m, 5m, and 10m. There is no requirement to make the extension cables yourself, as they are supplied complete and “ready-made”.  Therefore there is no need for messing around with pliers and cutters. The cable consists of 1 cable with 2 feeds, so it is not a requirement to run 2 separate cables, you simply plug and play.

We include wall mounting clips to facilitate connecting the Sky cable to a wall.

Why Choose Our Sky Cables?

Our kits are an excellent and inexpensive solution to moving your sky boxes very quickly and easily and most importantly without the need for a Sky Engineer to do it for you. It can easily be completed by yourself in minutes. We stock the best quality Sky wf65 twin cable, it is a very slim line cable, and therefore is not obstructive, or unsightly in appearance.

The Sky HD cable can be run at different lengths including at lengths of over 200+ metres, without any loss of performance or quality.

Many customers require the cable usually because their existing cable is just a little bit too short to reach where they have relocated their Sky HD box too, and our products provides the perfect solution for this. Our cables are provided both in black and white colour.

Black is used externally when connecting to your sky HD dish and not so visible on the brickwork. The white colour in more preferable internally as it doesn’t show much is you are running it along skirting board for example.

At 5starcables, we pride ourselves on providing a fast and speedy service of the shipping of these cables, this is a free and 1st class postage service within the UK. All items are usually shipped promptly on the same day so you will get your Sky extension cable in no time! We realise the urgency of getting our products to our customer as quickly as possible. We can also accommodate our international customer including our shipping charges.