High Speed HDMI Cable

Do you need high speed HDMI cable for your high resolution devices?

Today, the old 1080 HD standard is fast disappearing into the annals of history, with some of the current 3D TV offerings perhaps not too far behind! The advantage of having more pixels has now become apparent to most TV viewers – those that have been lucky enough to see 4K or even 8K TV’s in action at any rate! . The new 4K standard, with a superior resolution of about 3840 X 2160 pixels offers around four times more pixels than 1080 HD TV does. This makes a real difference to the viewing experience with an almost photographic emulsion quality to the picture!

Picture generated at these high resolutions are truly stunning and a joy to behold. The thing some may forget however is that with these high resolutions come the need to transfer data between devices at a seemingly exponentially increasing rate.

This is where high speed HDMI cable really comes into its own. Data drop off could potentially spoil your viewing pleasure at such high resolution so it is important to make sure that you have good quality, reliable high speed connections in place for the best result possible.


Ever increasing definition!

When, and if, the recently announced and introduced 8K resolution standard takes off, the even higher demands placed on your A/V connections and cables will perhaps become more apparent with data drop off and signal loss issues. You probably should look now to future-proof your equipment by installing high speed HDMI cable in readiness for the coming world of Ultra High definition content that we are now all being promised.


Ever increasing data transfer rates will be more and more susceptible to interference from nearby strong electromagnetic fields and other equipment, becoming more of an issue over time as Ultra high definition becomes the norm. Check out our website and you will see that we have the perfect product to suit your own HD and UHD connection requirements for your HD, 4K, 8K and UHD TV, A/V and computers.


Is it rocket science?

Perhaps! We could waffle on further in some depth about Einstein’s field equations, to help you to calculate the real world effects of how ever increasing data transfer speeds may be effected in future by electromagnetic fields. However, at the end of the day, we think you will have yourself already noticed the fast increasing electromagnetic smog that we are all experiencing and understand that it will have its own impact in future, not just on us as humans but across the board!


We guarantee you real Peace of mind!

All of our HDMI related products come with a full, no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee with a full one year warranty. You just can’t beat that!